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Sample Script: Influences

Track 8: The girls meet at the Global Media Hallway near the Ladies Room. Each seems deep in thought.

Sally: Hey, Regana, are you ok?

Regana: Not really, but I don’t wanna talk about it.

Sally: Things not going well with your dad?

Regana: Well, I haven’t spent much time with him, but that’s nothin’ new.

Sally: I just spent more time with my mom than I wanted too.

Regana: Why?

Sally: I learned more about how these media companies use sex to sell products to make their money even if the product’s bad for you.

Regana: Tell me about it! I’m learning how powerful advertising is.

Sally: Right!

Regana: ‘nd if I ever hear “Sex Sells” again - I’ll scream.

Sally: That’s all like all these people think about ‘round here.

Regana: Yah.

Sally: Do you remember Mrs. Jacobs in Health Class talkin’ about “high Risk Behaviors”?

Regana: Not really.

Sally: She called smoking ‘n drinking “High Risk Behaviors” ‘cause they lead to other riskier behaviors.

Regana: Like?

Sally: Like drinking ‘n driving, sex ‘nd maybe even drugs.

Regana: Wonder what would happen if these people met Mrs. Jacobs?

Sally: (Sigh) They wouldn’t listen to her...they need to make their money.

Regana: I guess. We better get back.

Sally: I’ll see ya later.

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