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Audio Excerpts: Influences

Sally and Regana spend the day with their parents at work. Sally's Mom and Regana's Dad both work for Global Media and the girls are learning about the Marketing and advertising business.

Peer pressure is examined in the section of the script where Regana and TJ go out for some Pizza.

Sally & Regana

Peer Pressure can be positive or negative. Sally tries to help Regana with some friendly advice.

Regana & TJ having pizzaT.J. tries to get Regana to "relax" a little.

Topics of alcohol and drugs are discussed. Some critical choices need to be made and the consequences are explored.

Regana and Mom

Sally attends a meeting with her Mom and now understands how some companies target their ads directly at the youth market.

When Regana's Dad has to go to a meeting, she sits in on the editing of a commercial with Jerry. Unfortunately, she knows first hand how alcohol can have a negative effect on self control and decision making.

Regana and DadRegana with Jerry

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