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My Family / My Self Segment

Personal belief systems start with the family.  Young people struggle to define themselves and their newly emerging values as they relate to their family.  This segment explores both the traditional and not so traditional meaning of family, including trusted adults and friends.     ...more

Influences Segment

Influences examines the effects of the media, peer pressure and substances on youth.  This segment of The Choice Game™ examines how sex is used to sell products including alcohol and cigarettes.  Other influences explored include peer pressure to become involved in marijuana, alcohol and sex.      ...more

AIDS Segment

Over 3 million teens become infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease each year in the U.S.   This segment of The Choice Game™ educates young people regarding sexually risky behaviors that can lead to life long diseases and other consequences.    ...more

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Communications Segment

Helps youth learn effective and ineffective communication strategies for letting true feeling and wishes be known.  Learning to communicate within the family and with peers is critical to a healthy and successful current and future life.        ...more

Teen Pregnancy Segment

Deals with a real life unplanned pregnancy from both the teen mother’s and father’s points of view including feelings, lifestyle changes, and lost opportunities when one is not prepared for the responsibilities of family life.  Explores identifying and dealing with both healthy and abusive relationships, dreams vs. reality, parents/grandparents or guardians and their views.    ...more

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Drugs Segment

Explores the harmful effects of destructive substances and how they dramatically impair decision-making abilities.  Drugs are illegal and the fact is some drugs can lead to confusion, broken dreams, unplanned pregnancies, various STDs and other diseases.    ...more

Suggested Curriculum

Suggested 9 week curriculum for The Choice Game™ Urban Version.     ...view


View the different workbooks available for teachers, students and parents along with sample pages.     ...view

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