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Confusion Burning Press Release


*Nominated for Best Educational Documentary*

* * *

New York, NY [June 25, 2007] – Award-winning Humanitarian Kathy DiFiore in conjunction with her non-profit organization Several Sources Shelters today announced that their documentary short Confusion Burning will screen as part of this summer’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF). Confusion Burning will play at 2:10pm on Saturday July 21st at City Cinemas Village East with a private reception to follow. NYIIFVF runs from July 19-26th and is a competitive film event that screens 250 diverse films from around the globe. Confusion Burning is said to be the first US Native American film made for US Native American young people and has already earned one nomination for Best Educational Documentary.

Shot in a contemporary, docu-drama style by established videographer and editor Adam Litwinski, Confusion Burning documents the troubled lives of young people who are part of the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. The reservation is part of the Lakota Sioux Native American Nation in North America. Many at the reservation are torn and tempted by drugs, alcohol, sex, and suicide. Parents and educators are troubled by their dangerous lifestyles. The film shows one of the young tribe members traveling to Newark, NJ to educate a class of impressionable teens aged between 15 and 18 about the ways in which harmful vices and bad choices can negatively impact their lives. The overall aim of the film is to help young people make the right choices through realizing the far-reaching consequences of making unhealthy life choices such as sexually transmitted diseases and substance and alcohol abuse that can lead to prison sentences and death. 

The catalyst for Confusion Burning arose when Kathy, a met a group of concerned teachers from North Dakota at an educational convention in Philadelphia and learned of the serious issues beleaguering the reservation, particularly the alarmingly high teen suicide rate. She realized that the essence of The Choice Game, an interactive computer or DVD game created by the Several Sources Shelters creative team between 2001 and 2006 would be an effective way to help the young people on the reservation to learn about their choices and the consequences of their choices. The two groups collaborated and Confusion Burning became the 2007 segment of The Choice Game.

“For 25 years I have been sheltering unwed mothers and their babies, starting in my own home in Ramsey, NJ,” said Kathy. “I've seen how our national epidemics of teen pregnancy, STDs, alcohol, and drugs are tragically hurting the dreams of our youth. We had to do something to help our troubled and confused young people make better life choices. Making Confusion Burning has been a life-changing experience. After traveling to the reservation, I realized the deep need for our humanitarian support. Our Native American brothers and sisters of all ages need our love and support. I can only hope that “Confusion Burning” helps to strengthen them and has a positive impact on the hearts and minds of teens and in some small way their future generations.”

According to Festival Founder and Executive Producer Stuart Alson “I am really happy that Confusion Burning is part of our festival. Our goal is exhibit films that will cater to all age groups. Confusion Burning is a very powerful and well shot film with engaging performances. Hopefully it will impact those at an impressionable age and help them make healthier life choices.  Stuart goes on to say “Kathy DiFiore is a remarkable lady and her charitable work to help the disadvantaged and those at risk is very impressive. I sincerely hope that this film will do well in terms of audience attendance, press and awards.”

Duane Silk, Program Director of Addiction Services, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe commented, "The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe expresses our appreciation to be included in the efforts of The Choice Game. While we as a people experience the many societal problems that eventually affect all young people; sadly there are few or no prevention materials that depict our own people dealing with the many life issues needed to educate our students. The young people that were able to act in Confusion Burning experienced a perception from the other side of the issues. They came away with a better understanding of The Choice Game's goal of decision-making skills."

Confusion Burning was funded in part through a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services. The Choice Game which has featured the acting talents of Stephen Baldwin, Joe Mantena and Malcolm Jamal Warner is part of the Newark, NJ Public Schools health curriculum, the Standing Rock High School curriculum in North Dakota and several other schools.

Film Tickets are priced at $12 and can be purchased through Tickets will also be available at City Cinemas Village East Box Office during the festival. Press and distributors can obtain an all-access pass by faxing a request on company letterhead to (702) 361-6309 (attn. Nicole Holland). 

Screening Details for Confusion Burning

Location: City Cinemas Village East (189 2nd Ave. at 12th Street)

Date: Saturday July 21 at 2:10pm (Screen 6)

Running Time:  30 minutes 

Exhibition Format:  BETA SP

Genre: Educational Documentary

For all interview and review requests, please contact, please contact Briege McGarrity at (917) 783-4042. For further information about Confusion Burning, please contact Jonathan Scott at (630) 244-6101. For further information about Kathy DiFiore, Several Sources Shelters and The Choice Game , please visit and


About Kathy DiFiore and Several Sources Shelters:

Kathy DiFiore is the Founder of the Several Sources Shelters and is a native of Rochester New York. She holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester and received her MBA from NYU and is currently studying for her doctoral degree at the University of Phoenix. During her career in the Corporate world, she decided to become a part-time volunteer for those in need. In 1981 Kathy turned her own home into a Shelter for mothers and their babies.  As the demand for her help for pregnant women grew, Kathy left her job and devoted her life to helping young, desperate pregnant women.  In a short time the demand became so overwhelming that with the help of other volunteers, she is now operating four residential shelters in New Jersey and five informative websites.  The concept of Several Sources is the “haves” helping the “have nots.”  Several Sources Shelters helps the poor, the ill, the lonely and also concentrates its efforts on the inner city poor children and their families.  Several Sources does this through monthly “Care Packages” and frequent outings to parks, the circus and to the summer golf clinic. 

The Several Sources Shelters is a 501 C-3 non profit organization and is funded through private donations, golf outings, dinners and free will offerings at various churches.

Kathy’s charitable work was recognized and supported by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  In 1988 Kathy was honored by President Reagan at the White House. and she received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Felician College in 1989.  In 1991, The New Jersey Assembly passed a resolution honoring Kathy’s work with mothers and infants throughout New Jersey and poor inner city children who are “at risk” and children who are afflicted with AIDS (in Newark NJ).  In 1998, Kathy was honored by being invested as a Dame of Malta and received at St. Bonaventure University, the Gaudete Award for her continuing work on behalf of over 15,000 mothers and babies.

In June 1999, Several Sources became a Non Governmental Organization of the U.N. Other Awards include the N.J. State Council of the Columbiettes "Humanitarian of the Year Award in 1989, St. Elizabeth's College Catholic Woman of Achievement in 1995, a Dame of Malta in 1998 and the Pax Christi N. J. Dorothy Day Award in 2001 and she is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the United Nations Women's Guild. Kathy is also the recipient of the 2005 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award from the Franklin-St. John’s United Methodist Church of Newark, NJ.


The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and is now recognized as the largest competitive independent film event in the world. Passionate about exposing the films and documentaries of emerging filmmakers from all over the globe, NYIIFVF is a unique platform for emerging and established filmmakers to network and screen their films in the hope of getting exposure and a distribution deal. Past festivals have included the work of Calista Flockhart, Cameron Diaz, Eva Herzigova, Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Rod Steiger, Sean Lennon, Tippi Hedren, Willem Dafoe and Vin Diesel. Indie guru Abel Ferrara famously quoted in MovieMaker, "This festival is the real deal: Everybody else just talks about doing it, these guys just do it!”

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